This addon will add a auction house system to your uMMORPG game to allow

players to buy and sale items with other players on your server.

Now Available on Unity Asset Store

Auction House for uMMORPG

  • View active auctions you have previously bid on.

  • Increase your previous bid or buyout active auctions you have previously bid on.

  • Claim all your gold and items from auctions that have ended or been outbid on.

  • Every tab of the auction house supports pages, will show a max of 20 items per page and is changeable.

  • Every 15mins (changeable) a check for auctions that are needing to be ended is ran and processed.

Browse Tab

Bids Tab

  • Search items by full or partial item name with level range or by category.

  • You can bid on selected items at minimum bid allowed, or enter in a higher bid if you wish, or you can buyout the item at buyout price.​

  • ​​If a bid matches or is higher than the buyout then it will buyout the item at buyout price.

  • Post auctions up for sale to other players.

  • Deposit fee based on this calculation: (ItemVendorSalePrice x StackSize x DurationFeePercent).

  • Duration lengths/fees are in days and can be changed. (1 Day - 0.1%, 3 Days - 0.2%, 5 Days - 0.3%)

  • If an auction is sold you will be refunded the deposit fee.

  • When an auction ends, there is a final value fee that is subtracted from the earnings automatically and can be changed. (0.1% of final value)

  • Cancel your active auctions as long as there is no bidder.

Auctions Tab

Claims Tab